Holistic Orthodontist and Dentist Tips for Better Overall Health

How Oral Health Affects Overall Health

Oral health plays a crucial role in your overall health. Your mouth is the portal or starting point for many microbial infections that enter the bloodstream. Your oral health may be a key indicator of, or a risk factor for various health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. HIV (human immune-deficiency virus) may also exhibit initial symptoms in the mouth. In addition to this, persons with gum and periodontal diseases also are at the highest risk of contracting diabetes.

Low-birth-weight and preterm babies have also been linked to gum disease too. Individuals with compromised oral health are also at a higher risk of contracting respiratory infections or experience difficulties in breathing.

Poor oral health can also attribute mental health conditions and depression. This is because poor oral health does contribute to low self-esteem, intimacy, and even affect social interaction. OC Dental Center (dentist in Orange County serving Santa Ana, Mission Viejo, and Fullerton, CA) says one of the best ways you can help your oral health is to get your teeth cleaned at least twice a year.

How Holistic Dentistry Differs from a Traditional Office

Holistically-oriented dentists do more than just treat dental conditions. They look at the whole body as a way to help prevent situations that may arise due to poor oral health. Some will even recommend preventative care and programs that go beyond dental care. These include smoking cessation, better nutrition, and alcohol consumption in moderation among other measures.

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Holistic dentists, however, use different methods to promote good health. For instance, some will advise against using fluoridated toothpaste while others will recommend it. This is because fluoride may pose a health risk to consumers when used for long, hence long-term health issues. Some of the health issues that could be caused by fluoride include degenerative bone disease and cancer.

Most are also against the idea of root canals. They believe that the sterilizing agents used during the process, and bacteria can be trapped into the canal causing long-term health effects to the patient.

The holistic orthodontist or dentist also prefers using composite resin to fill cavities rather than nickel or amalgam. This has also been adopted by dentists that aren’t as holistic considering the health effects of mercury exposure to patients. Most will recommend removal of existing amalgam fillings and replace the same with composite resin or any other safer material.

Holistic practitioners also recommend the use of digital X-ray equipment to help reduce radiation to the patient. More and more dentists are adopting these relatively newer X-ray machines to reduce radiation exposure as well.

Traditional Practice: Risk Factors Involved

Dental: Amalgam fillings are a source of mercury that increases exposure to the mouth of anyone that uses these fillings. According to research, mercury from these fillings can stay in the body for at least a year.

Improper disposal of amalgam fillings also poses a threat to the environment, and especially wildlife and small microorganisms. Such dental waste causes the release of heavy metals to soil and water sources. This could be a reason for the recent increased in mercury levels in fish-eating animals and fish in the last couple of years.

amalgam fillings

Mercury amalgam can also accumulate in used dental supplies such as gauze and swabs. Once these materials are deposited in the regular trash and incinerated, the mercury can be released into the air in gaseous form.

Orthodontic Treatment: It is important to note that a truly holistic practice will do everything they can to not pull teeth. They will also be careful to not re-structure the jaw and overbite in such a way that somebody would need cosmetic work done later down the road.

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Discover the City of Kailua in Honolulu County, Hawaii

While Kailua is in Honolulu County, it is about a dozen miles away from Honolulu itself. On the coast of the island of Oahu, Kailua features a military base, great beaches, a marsh and is a place that former president Obama spent time during the winter. The city is certainly a popular vacation destination, though it is primarily residential in terms of local living. While the local population has been on the decline in recent decades, the city of Kailua continues to be a beautiful and gorgeous representation of the Hawaiian landscape and culture.

One way to get to know Kailua a little better is to look at its best attractions and featured restaurants. When you visit Kailua, one place you want to spend some time is Kailua Beach Park. It's not the only area where you can visit the beach though. You also want to pay a visit to Lanikai Beach, and Kalama Beach Park. You don't want to pass up the beauty of Maunawili Falls and Olamana Three Peaks Trail either.

There are two great farmers markets to check out, and yes, they are great vacation adventures. Stopping by these markets is a great way to get to eat some great food enjoyed by the locals. That's a dose of Hawaiian culture that you don't want to pass up. While you're enjoying great food, stop by Madre Chocolate for dessert. Then there is Lanikai Brewing Company, and as for historical sites and landmarks, it is a good idea to visit the Ulupo Heiau State Monument.

During your stay in Kailua, you can always pay a visit to the Kailua Information Center as well. As for other places of interest, there is the Hawaii Loves Barbie Dolls Museum, Island Glassworks, which is an art gallery and Grace in Growlers, which is a brewery. While on the beaches there, you can enjoy surfing, paddleboarding, snorkeling, swimming, kitesurfing, windsurfing and much more.

There are also bars, coffeehouses, and spas. Now let's look at a couple of the best restaurants that you might want to stop by while vacationing in Kailua. Kalapawai Cafe & Deli is the #1 ranked restaurant, and it is located at 750 Kailua Road. The ice cream desserts there look amazing. Kalapawai Cafe & Deli is also known for its wagyu burgers, sandwiches, and its Maui onion soup. How does this cafe sound for a nice lunch?

Cinnamon's Restaurant is another top choice, and it is found at 315 Uluniu Street. The cinnamon rolls are said to be a favorite as you can well imagine. Red velvet pancakes also make the menu highlights for this restaurant, as does kalua pork and French toast, among other things. It is a great place to stop for brunch.

Kailua is such a great city, isn't it? Now you know what you are going to find when you arrive on the island of Oahu for vacation. Visit Kailua, and see what all you end up discovering based on the places of interest that were mentioned here. Aloha!