Are You a New Patient of a Holistic Orthodontist or Dentist? You Might Have These Frequently Asked Questions!

I Want to Be a New Patient. How Do I Do That?

Good holistic offices will eagerly anticipate meeting with you and then serving you. You will most likely need to download their New Patient Information Forms by clicking on the link "New Patient Forms" on their website. Alternatively, you can email them or call if you'd like the forms sent via USPS or email attachment. Fill the forms out and send it back to them. Just be mindful of the fact that many do require forms with original signatures, not copies.

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They'll look at your forms before contacting you about an appointment. It's crucial that you fill out the forms as completely as possible. They use them to get to know both you and your personal health history, which is the foundation for your office's understanding of your existing health circumstances. There's typically a short waiting list to start being a patient in a popular dental office, but you can call them anytime to ask about where you're at on the list at the time. Once they have an opening, they will most likely call you to attempt to schedule.

My First Ever Visit. What Happens Then?

Given that every patient is a unique individual, usually your dentist or orthodontist will tailor your first appointment to your own needs. The energy and time invested in this visit will vary, based on those needs, and that's something you can talk about when you schedule your first visit. Given their total commitment to your general wellness, on top of their desire to give you thorough and complete information, they don't actually perform any dental work during an initial appointment, not even a cleaning. Your first visit is entirely diagnostic in nature, from start to finish. That means they perform a thorough exam and take records so that they can diagnose your existing situation accurately.

As you prepare for your visit, sometime your orthodontic office will request that you take notes regarding your current health concerns and symptoms that you think might prove useful in terms of accurate diagnosis and treatment. Brief yet thorough descriptions are encouraged, providing estimates about how long each symptom has been experienced, along with grades scaling the discomfort, from 1 being mild to 10 being severe. It might also prove useful to spend time writing about life events that pertain to your health, possibly even creating a timeline of major life events and health issues. Should you do any of this, either bring it in with you or include it in other materials you send in.

Have you had dental study models or X-rays of your teeth in the last two years? Bring them with you or send them in ahead of time, but after your initial appointment is scheduled. Most of the time, we update study models and X-rays with other new records the first time you come in but bringing your previous records in can have benefits. If you're also addressing various medical issues with any other health practitioner, your office will appreciate you either bringing or sending copies of medications, tests, and medical records that might be pertinent to your current dental situation.

Your first visit will start with a patient coordinator meeting with you to get to know you a bit as a person, not just about your health worries, but also your values, desires, and needs. Following this conversation is when you'll likely meet with one of their hygienists. That's when they conduct the proper diagnostic tests and exams to determine how your dental health currently is. Following the completion of the testing and exams, your dental center will arrange a consultation appointment in the future to review the findings with you and make recommendations. They are usually open to questions about all treatment options, and why we specifically recommend some over others. They want you to feel comfortable and familiar with their philosophies and advice. They'll most likely happily reprint related science articles, online resources, and other reference materials that let you enhance your own knowledge so that you can make informed decisions about your health. This way, you can freely choose your best path forward. In the end, your health and happiness are your decisions and responsibility; they're just here to help you out as much as they can.

***We typically suggest bringing a friend, family member, or spouse to give you support and feedback during your visit.***