6 Fun Things to Do on the Island of Oahu in Kailua, Honolulu County

Part of Honolulu County, Kailua is a great place to think about visiting if you are going to vacation in Hawaii. Enjoy Kailua Bay and all kinds of places of interest on the island of Oahu. Did you know that Kailua stands for 'two seas?' It is a nature lover's tropical paradise, and you are about to discover all kinds of wonderful attractions to visit as you take your trip to Kailua.

1. Kailua Beach Park

Kailua Beach Park is our #1 ranked attraction, and it is located at 516 Kawailoa Road. This beach is said by some to be one of the most beautiful in the world. Walk the beach, enjoy the kites, check out the views of the warm blue water. You can also go snorkeling, and swimming at this beach is said to be a favorite activity, too.

2. Lanikai Beach

Then there is Lanikai Beach, which is said to be a favorite for kayaking. It is also a very beautiful beach, and swimming and snorkeling are also popular there. You are going to want to take some pictures, not just at Lanikai Beach, but also at all the other great natural attractions. When you read about Kailua, you are going to see that it is primarily residential, but as you can tell, it is a great place to take a vacation and enjoy the beach and nature.

3. Kailua Farmers Market

Kailua Farmers Market is a great place to visit, too. Now I know what you're thinking. Why would you visit a Farmers Market on vacation? First of all, there are all kinds of food available, including baked goods. Also, even if it were just a regular farmers market, you are talking about Oahu and all kinds of things you could take to the beach for a picnic. You definitely want to stop by and mingle with the locals, too, and this farmers market is located at 609 Kailua Road.

4. Maunawili Falls

Maunawili Falls takes us back to the natural attractions, and the falls are certainly beautiful. There is a hole involved to see this natural beauty and guess what, you can jump into the water. The surrounding forest is also said to be quite beautiful, and people talk about the birds singing and everything.

5. Olomana Three Peaks Trail

Olomana Three Peaks Trail is next up, and it is located at 770 Auloa Road. This trail is said to be a great adventure, but people say it's also not for the beginner. In fact, you can take on some rock climbing there. Parts of the hike aren't so bad though, and it makes me think I would want to see just how far I could go before I had enough. There are supposed to be some great peak views waiting for you.

6. Kawai Nut Marsh

Kawai Nut Marsh is next, and it is certainly a unique place to visit. The Nut Marsh is said to be quite the treasure, both culturally and biologically speaking. Reviews say that you will see birds and other waterfowl while you are there. You are going to enjoy an adventurous walk through the Kawai Nut Marsh, and it's yet another interesting natural place of interest in Honolulu County.

7. Lanikai Brewing Company

Lanikai Brewing Company is located at 175C Hamakua Drive, and it is a great place to relax and taste some local brews. The beer is said to be delicious and high quality according to reviews, and by the way, people say that the brewery is right behind a woodworking company.

We've covered 7 top attractions in Kailua. You get some bonus picks, and there is room for one more. The place of interest is known as Made Chocolate, and it is located at 30 Kainehe Street. You know it is a great place to stop and get some delicious and unique chocolates. This is homemade chocolate, from bean to bar, only made in Honolulu County, and that just sounds lovely, don't you think?

attractions in Hawaii Kailua

Now you are prepared to take that great vacation in Kailua. These top attractions are going to keep you busy, and this might be your best Hawaii vacation yet. The island of Oahu awaits you, and just wait until you see the beaches. Chocolate, baked goods, great food, and beer are also going to be part of your adventures.